About Us

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About David and Valerie as a couple:

How we met: We were both counselors with the University of Georgia’s Upward Bound Program, a college preparatory program for students who aim to be the first in their families to attend post- secondary institutions of higher education. David caught Valerie’s attention by tutoring her in German.

Book that best describes our romance: Jane Austen’s Persuasion (Think of Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves in The Lake House).

What we are grateful for: our two beautiful children, Alyssa and Donte.

Thing that Valerie loves about David: He is a secret romantic and makes beautiful handmade Valentines for her every year.

Thing that David loves about Valerie Her beautiful eyes are always filled with love when she looks at him.

In any artistic piece we produce, our goal is to capture the whole spectrum of human emotions and relay these feelings to those who view my work. We see an image of beauty and then use the photography tools at my disposal to bring that beauty to the forefront. A wedding or special event is one of the most important times in a couple’s life together and, to us, there is nothing more beautiful than those once in a lifetime images captured during those cherished moments.

Our lead photographer David has experience in various styles of photography as well as printing in traditional and nontraditional mediums.

In 2014, Vintage Noire was honored to be named Charleston's Best of Photographer of the Year by the Charleston Multicultural Bridal and Events Association!

Our Style:

Our style is a vintage inspired blend of fine art and photojournalism. We can infuse some of your shots with a contemporary vibe, giving you the best blend of old and new. So the sky is the limit if you want to step back in time to one of your favorite eras in history or reenact a fond memory. We like to capture the film noir style of the 1940's and add a modern twist. So become 19th century Victorian or Southern ladies, 1920's flappers, 1930's film goddesses, 1940's Tuskegee Airmen, or relive the first moment when you fell in love at Charleston's iconic Folly Beach Washout. We will capture timeless images to last a lifetime.

Event Planning:

Our planner Valerie has a Ph.D. in English and have a passion for digging up vintage costumes from the past and doing research on various eras in history. She also have a master's degree in Public Administration, which has given her a strong background in planning and coordinating social and community events. We have organized large- scale events for up to 400 guests, with a budget in excess of $80,000. Contact us and  us plan your next picture perfect event from start to finish.

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